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Dolly's House Museum

No. 24 Creek Street, Ketchikan, was the residence of Dolly Arthur. Dolly worked on Creek Street where fishermen, miners, and some more genteel characters, found entertainment and feminine companionship. Creek Street and it's red light district prospered form the 1920's to the 1950's. Dolly's House Museum is locally owned and operated by life long Ketchikan resident who takes great pride in being able to offer this unique and historic video narrated tour that looks back into Ketchikan's infamous past. To learn more about Dolly, read her biography on your Kindle or visit her museum in Ketchikan, Alaska.
  • "If I ain't in my house, I ain't makin' no money"
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  • Found along the famous Creek Street Boardwalk
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  • A look little look at Ketchikan's colorful past
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  • Old Creek Street
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  • Creek Street Ketchikan
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